Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How to Get Trapinch on the Pokewalker

Print this articlePokewalkers are devices that enable fans of Pokemon to take the game with them everywhere they go by combining aspects of the video game with a pedometer. Due to the mechanical limitations of the Pokewalker, interface with the game is simple and limited. For that reason, it is difficult to locate certain Pokemon because Pokemon are not limited to certain zones in the game world.

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Select Poke Radar from the main menu.


Search through the tall grass by looking for exclamation marks appearing to the side of the grass. Scroll over to that grass and select it in order to attempt to discover wild Pokemon.


Battle and continue to search for wild Pokemon until you discover a wild Pokemon that you want to catch, such as a Trapinch.


Use your Pokemon to attack the wild Trapinch until its health is low.


Throw a Pokeball at the injured Pokemon. If the wild Pokemon is weak enough, you should successfully capture the Pokemon.

Tips & Warnings

The wild Pokemon that you encounter is random, so it may take time to discover a wild Pokemon that you want to capture. Be patient and keep searching.

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