Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How to Steep Burdock Root

Burbock root has been used in traditional medicine for centuries.

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Burdock root is used by traditional medicine to treat fever, fluid retention, infection, cancer and kidney stones. Though generally considered safe, it hasn't been adequately evaluated for effectiveness and safety. Steeping burdock root to make tea is a simple way to introduce this herb into your diet for its pleasant taste and digestive benefits. Dried and powdered burdock root are easiest to find and either works well for steeping. Burdock closely resembles belladonna, also known as deadly nightshade, which is toxic. It is advisable to purchase burdock from a reputable dealer and not attempt to gather it wild.

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Add 2 cups of cold water and the burdock root to the saucepan.


Bring the water and burdock to a boil. Simmer for 20 minutes.


Strain liquid to remove any solids.


Drink the mixture up to three times per day.

Tips & Warnings

Slice or chop dried burdock before boiling.

Do not use if pregnant or lactating. Additionally, children should not use burdock.

Persons who are allergic to daises, chrysanthemum or ragweed may react to burdock.

Burdock may lower blood-sugar levels and should not be taken by diabetics on hypoglycemic medication.

Do not use if you are dehydrated.

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