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Medicinal Uses of Dried Tea Leaves

Dried tea leaves can help aid digestion, cold symptoms and more.

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Chinese and Japanese herbalists and medicinal professionals have used teas for healing for centuries. A hot cup of tea, nowadays, is known to help soothe sore throats, laryngitis, flu and cold symptoms and more. Beyond drinking tea, however, using dried tea leaves has also been discovered to be helpful in the medicinal and healing worlds. It is important to always consult a health professional, though, before trying any alternative method for medical problems.

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Twenty percent of dried tea produced each year is green tea, which is made differently than black tea, by steaming the tea leaves lightly and drying them quickly. Green tea has potent antioxidants, which help protect cells in the body from free radicals, which can contribute to such damage as heart disease, cancer and other diseases. Green tea dietary supplements are made from dried green tea leaves. These supplements are sold over the counter and are suggested for aid in purging environmental toxins in the body (like cigarette smoke or ultraviolet rays), for preventing coronary disease, cancer and liver disease, and for lowering cholesterol.

Dried Sage Tea Leaves

Dried sage tea leaves can be used in many ways to help alleviate medical issues. For dry, itchy skin, or for skin eruptions that won't heal, add 5 tablespoons of steeped dried sage tea leaves into a quart of water. Add the mixture to bathwater and soak in the bath for 20 minutes, two to three times a week. The rosmarinic acid in sage leaves has antioxidant properties. Dried sage leaves can also be used externally as a rub, treating sprains, swelling and even ulcers and bleeding.

Dried Chamomile Tea Leaves

When a bad cold takes over, soaking in a tub with a ½ cup of dried chamomile tea leaves can help aid with symptoms and relax the body. If you were to steam and distill dried chamomile tea leaves, you might find your hay fever and asthma problems subsiding.

Dried Fennel Seed Tea

Dried fennel seeds, used to make tea, are also used to prevent bad breath and even freshen breath. Fennel seeds also help aid digestion, treatment of abdominal cramps and reduction in body odor that stems from digestion issues. Studies show that fennel seeds that make tea also have estrogenic properties and therefore can be helpful when eaten to aid in menopausal discomforts. Beyond human medicinal aid, fennel seeds are also known to help dogs and cats as well --- they help repel fleas.

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